Fixing the tail wag on a T-Rex

I used a Futaba S9650 tail servo, and a Futaba 401 gyro.

from what I can gather, the tail servo has better control the farther it has to travel to fix tail movement (to a point), but having to little of a distance for it to travel is hard for the tail servo to back off and incrementaly fix the tail movement, because each movement makes the tail blades move so far.

So I drilled a hole as close to the base of the tail servo horn as posible, and then cut away the plastic base of the horn to alow the zbend room to move, and not cause it to binding, I also had to trim a little off the end of the zbend to make this work.

This allowed me to move the servo travel up to 115 on the 401 gyro with no delay, and the tail has been rock solid ever since.

here are some pics to help explain:

Click on the picture for more detail.



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