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Uff-Da/RC: Ultimate Free Flight - Dramatic Aerobatics / RC
Spectacular Wacky Aerobatic Team

We Fight With Frequency!
Not an official Club, just a some guys enjoying flying.

2011 Bob Street Fun Fly

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The Uff-Da/RC landing strip
The Mengis landing strip
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Things you might find helpful or interesting

Uff-Da RC at Steam Engine Days 2005
Uff-Da RC at Steam Engine Days 2007
Uff-Da RC at Steam Engine Days 2008
Uff-Da RC Takes home a Trophy at the 2010 Syttende Mai parade
Bob Street Fun Fly 2008

2010-2011 Indoor Flying Class at Mabel-Canton High School Gym

Electric Spur of the moment Fun Fly 1/12/06

Sites Of Interest:
MAH Blades
Audacity Models Tiger 50

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